Toto has many members, because of all kinds of problems.

Band former membersEdit

  • David Paich keyboards, vocal, piano 1977.-2005., 2010-present.
  • Steve Lukather guitar, vocal 1977.-present.
  • Jeff Porcaro (death 1992.) drums 1977.- 1992.
  • David Hungate bass 1978.-1982.
  • Steve Porcaro keyboard, vocal 1978.-1986., 2010-present.
  • Bobby Kimball vocal 1978.-1982., 1998.-2008.
  • Mike Porcaro bass 1982.-2006.
  • Fergie Federiksen vocal 1984.
  • Joseph Williams vocal 1986.-1988.,2010.-present.
  • Jean Michel-Byron vocal 1990.
  • Jenny Douglas vocal 1990.-1997.,2011-present.
  • Greg Philiganes keyboards 2003.-2008.
  • Leland Sklar bass 2007.-2008.
  • Nathan East bass 2010.-present.

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