Toto - Fahrenheit
Released: August 1986.
Producer: Toto
Gerne: Rock, Pop Rock, Jazz
Lenght: 44:07
Label: Columbia

Fahrenheit is the 6th studio album and first with the new vocalist Joseph Williams. There are 5 singles but 2 of them are only in some countries. Fahrenheit features famous Miles Davis. It was last studio album wich features member Steve Porcaro. I'll Be Over You was on Bilboard Hot 100 in 1986. 11th and Without Your Love 38th. Steve Porcaro was pleased with Joseph because he could sing Steve's song Lea. After the Fahrenheit tour Steve Lukather said that Joseph is the best vocalist for Toto.

Tracks and singles*Edit

  1. Till The End*
  2. We Can Make It Tonight
  3. Without Your Love*
  4. Can't Stand It Any Longer
  5. I'll Be Over You*
  6. Fahrenheit
  7. Somewhere Tonight
  8. Could This Be Love*
  9. Lea*
  10. Don't Stop Me Now