Relased: October 1978.
Producer: Toto
Gerne: Prog Rock, Soft Rock, Rock
Lenght: 40:46
Label: Columbia

Toto is first Toto album relased in 1978. . It became major album with hits: Hold The Line, I'll Supply The Love and Georgy Porgy. The album consists 10 songs, every song has many elements of some other gerne. That's why members are one of most completed musicians in world. Toto at the same year became Gold.

Tracks and singles*Edit

  1. Childs Anthem*
  2. I'll Supply The Love*
  3. Georgy Porgy*
  4. Manuela Run
  5. You Are The Flower
  6. Girl Goodbye
  7. Takin' It Back
  8. Rockmaker
  9. Hold The Line*
  10. Angela

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